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Development History

IN 1997

★ The founder of Shanghai Nooyi commenced the research on SBW series mechanical AC voltage regulator, and successfully applied true RMS sampling chip AD 536 controlling voltage regulator, which realized accurate control of mechanical voltage regulator in grid environment severely polluted by harmonic waves.

IN 2000

★ The first set of ZBW series intelligent non-contact voltage regulator was successfully developed and obtained two national patents. 2 sets of ZBW-S100KVA were successfully applied in hemodialysis equipment of Peking Union Medical College Hospital.

IN 2002

★ The founder of Shanghai Nooyi improved the accuracy of non-contact AC voltage regulator to 0.5%, and realized remote control by using RS232 interface of computer, which obtained one national patent. 1 set of 30KVA high-accuracy non-contact AC voltage regulator was applied in 303 Institution of CASIC.

IN 2004

★ ZBW series intelligent non-contact voltage regulator was widely applied in medical system.

IN 2005

★ ZBW series intelligent non-contact voltage regulator was widely applied in trump laser cutting machine.

IN 2006

★ Shanghai Nooyi set up new production center in Nanxiang, Jiading District, Shanghai.
★ The SPC pulse degaussing power developed and produced by Shanghai Nooyi was applied in 708 Research Institution of CSIC.

IN 2007

★ CFP series variable frequency power supply was successfully developed by Shanghai Nooyi and was exhibited on China International Industry Fair 2007. It was also successfully applied in Department of Physics of Fudan University and College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering of Xiamen University.

IN 2008

★ The non-contact AC voltage regulator of Shanghai Nooyi began to penetrate into overseas market and successfully gained access to markets in Brazil, North Korea, India and Nigeria. It also obtained ISO9001 Quality Management System certification, CE certification and SONCAP certification.
★ PIS power integrated management system was successfully developed by Shanghai Nooyi.

IN 2009

★ Dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) was successfully developed by Shanghai Nooyi and was exhibited on China International Industry Fair 2009. It was designated as the power for Rofin laser beam drilling machine.
★ ZBW-S160KVA non-contact AC voltage regulator of Shanghai Nooyi won the bid in Yizhuang Line of Beijing Subway for 14 sets.
★ The cumulative sales of ZBW non-contact voltage regulator and PIS power integrated management system of Shanghai Nooyi exceeded 3000 sets, with the foreign trade sales breaking through RMB 50 million Yuan.

IN 2010

★ NY-EVC electric car charger produced by Shanghai Nooyi was successfully applied in World Expo, and became the approved supplier for SAIC, Chery and BYD.
★ Shanghai Nooyi officially started using new trademark"Nooyi®".
★ Shanghai Nooyi obtained SARFT network authorization and succeeded in winning the bid for 242 non-contact voltage regulators for Wireless radio and television digitization project of SARFT.
★ The headquarter for sales, R&D and service of Shanghai Nooyi was completed in Shanghai Baoshan Urban Industrial Park and the construction of production base in Kunshan of Jiangsu began.

IN 2011

★ The variable frequency power supply produced by Shanghai Nooyi was exported to Japan, and by matching with domestic CNC machine tool, changed the 200V/60HZ power supply environment in Japan to 380V/50HZ power supply environment.
★ The new office of Shanghai Nooyi was relocated to F17 of Building 12, No. 555 Chengyin Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai. The new office is mainly specialized in sales, R & D, service and exhibition.
★ Shanghai Nooyi newly increased a production line for BK transformer to specialize in producing non-contact voltage regulator, which helped to improve the product quality and delivery speed of Nooyi.
★ ZJD intelligent non-contact lighting power saver was successfully developed and was put into mass production and use.
★ ZBW-S1500KVA non-contact voltage regulator was exported to Nigeria.
★ CFP series 600KVA variable frequency power supply and 1200KVA variable frequency power supply were successively launched for use.
★Pass Edition 2008 of ISO9001 Quality System certification. Thiswas the second replacement after ISO9001-2000 version.

IN 2012

★ The Dynamic Voltage Restorer ( DVR-300KVA Type ) of Shanghai Nooyi was applied in WISCO. Solving the no-normal power-grid environment in case of the power-grid voltage swell and sag, and providing normal voltage for thethe Trumpf laser equipments.
★ ZJD smart saver was upgraded for 12 periods setted, so providedhigh quality product for the street lighting energy saving and the environmental protection.
★ The voltageregulated project of Dadi cinema was bidedby the ZBW of Shanghai Nooyismooth going, so become the qualified supplier,and signed with us a long-term cooperation agreement.
★ The Hengyang TBEAtransformer of no partial discharge test projectwas bided by CFP-33120 of ShanghaiNooyi.The power supply's output voltageis adjustabled from 0 to 900V, the output frequencyis adjustabled from 40 to 300Hz also, and 50Hz, 60Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz, 400Hz was fixed. To providing power supply for transformer testsuch as frequency multiplication and voltage doubler.
★ The ZBW Non-Contact Voltage Regulator was exported to Russia, the equipments with their functions such as LCD display, RS232/485 interfaces, standard MODBUS protocol, and a few world languages menu available.

IN 2013

★ Nooyi has won the Saudi 400Hz medium frequency power supply project, and smooth delivery. The power supply has high power factor (12 pulse rectifying), high level of protection (IP54), high power (single machine 400kVA), and with MODBUS485 protocol.
★ 60Hz variable frequency power supply of Nooyi macthed with NRIEE's equipments ( The 28th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation ) exported to Africa and used in radar equipment.
★ The variable frequency power supply of Shanghai Nooyi has been upgraded successfully. Three phase vector control technology is adopted to solve the three-phase imbalance and phase shift problem of three phase transformer structure.
★ Shanghai Nooyi has successfully won Anshan Rongxin ZBW-S300 non-contact voltage stabilizer project, which exported to South Africa and equipped with wind power. The product has wide range, high reliability and high response speed.
★ Shanghai Nooyi has win the bid of CRCC overseas company non-contact voltage stabilizer project.
★ The variable frequency power supply is certified by CE (EMC EMC instruction, LVD low voltage instruction), which is the second CE authentication obtained.
★ The shore power supply is used by TSUNEISHI Group (Zhoushan) Shipbuilding, Inc.
★ Shanghai Nooyi has win the bid of Tianjin seashore voltage stabilizer project of Taiyuan Heavy indurstry Co., Ltd, and supporting Pama machine.

IN 2014

★ DVR series dynamic voltage restorer is successfully applied to Dinghan technology in the Northwest Railway Lines in China,to solve the voltage drop and harmonic interference caused by the train passing.
★ The 5KVA 400Hz medium frequency power supply is successfully applied to Shanghai academy of spaceflight technology. The 60KVA static 400Hz medium frequency power supply has been successfully applied to 704 Research Institute of central ship heavy industry。
★ Shanghai Nooyi officially became Suzhou Prima, Celestica, Jiangsu Yawei, Wuhan Farleylaserlab supplier of contactless voltage regulator supporting the laser cutting machine, and exported to the United States, South Korea and other countries.
★ The change frequency power of Shanghai Nooyi successfully bid TBEA Chengdu factory.
★ 2 sets of DVR dynamic voltage restorer (300KVA) used in Wuhan Iron and Steel Group again, to solve the problem of voltage sags.
★ Shanghai Nooyi has passed the CQC 2008 Edition ISO9001 quality system certification again, this is the fourth time replace certificate.
★ The Shanghai Nooyi contactless voltage regulator has successfully technical upgraded for the third time.

IN 2015

★ Shanghai Nooyi has won the bid of Hubei contactless voltage regulator project, which is used for communication base stations.
★ Contactless voltage regulator of Shanghai nooyi applied for Anshan Rongxin wind power project exported to UK, Mozambique.
★ Shanghai Nooyi won Shishi Tongda 40 sets 500KVA contactless voltage stabilizer project.
★Nooyi successfully developed 400Hz interte frequency power supply for Shenyang Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is the only main power supply for 7000 meters underwater robots which to solve the ship into the water ROV the parasitic capacitance of 7000 m cable produced by reactive power and voltage drop, it automatically adjust the terminal voltage to provide power for propulsion, manipulator, control part.
★ A contactless voltage regulator is customized for the Chinese Red Cross aid Uzbekistan medical project.
★ Shanghai Nooyi frequency conversion power supply applied to Shenyang Aerospace Universtity equipment exports South America.
★ Shanghai Nooyi 2 sets contactless voltage stabilizer applied to Shanghai Tech University.
★ Shanghai Nooyi frequency conversion power supply applied to SMIC (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation) Providing standard power for integrated circuit production.

IN 2016

★ Shanghai Nooyi contactless voltage stabilizer appied to China Radio and radio digital coverage project, up to 1000 sets.
★ Shanghai Nooyi contactless voltage stabilizer supporting Delta Greentech (China) Co.,Ltd. won rail project bid.
★ Shanghai Nooyi contactless voltage stabilizer appied to CRSC Engineering Group Company Ltd services in rail transportation.
★ The contactless voltage regulator and frequency conversion power are successfully upgraded with the ARM-M4 kernel 32 bit processor, and the performance is more reliable.

IN 2017

★ Nooyi has got the certificate of ISO9001-2015 version .
★ The contactless voltage regulator and the frequency conversion power obtained the EU CE certification again.
★ The bi-directional voltage regulator is win the bid of agricultural network renovation project of Southern Power Grid,Nooyi is successfully signed for the 2017-2018 year suppliers.
★ Nooyi successfully signed Varian Medical, and become the supplier.
★ Nooyi successfully won the bid of GoerTek acoustic regulator project, become the supplier of the year, this is after "Shanghai Guangda electronic" "Foxconn group" and "PEGATRON Corporation" another important customers in the field of IT .
★ "Inooyi" power Internet of things officially running, this is a pioneering attempt in the field of Internet of things. All hardware and software from the device end to the cloud (server) and to the client (PC, handheld terminal) have their own intellectual property rights. so that users can master the operation of equipment whenever and wherever possible.


To be continued

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