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CFPC Series Shore Power Supply
Shore Power Supply is a kind of frequency conversion power supply on shore.Its full name is Electronic Static Shore Power Supply. It is specially designed and manufactured for high temperature, high humidity, high corrosiveness and heavy load impact on ships and shore wharfs.

The shore power supply has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, small noise and convenient management. Compared with generator, it could saving more than 20% energy, and big noise,high cost, large loss, pollution, different maintenance and specially-assigned person  management are avoided.It has a stronger applicability function, users can real-time monitor the operation of power supply, widely used in domestic shipbuilding ship repair enterprises.

Product Features:

Human-computer interface
Humanized interface, let your operation be handy!

Intelligent display and diagnosis system, including working state, three phase voltage, three phase current, fault display and parameter setting, can be set by LCD and keyboard, and the operation is simple.

◆ Strong impact resistance can instantaneously withstand 2~3 times of impulse current of the load

◆ Input APF correction (optional), small input harmonic current and high power factor

◆ Good precision of frequency stability, which can be smaller than 0.1%

◆ Imported IGBT power module with good impact resistance

◆ Wide frequency range, the output frequency is optional within 5-1000HZ

◆  Intelligent IGBT drive module and highly isolated power supply are used to ensure perfect protection performance

◆ Highly stabilized voltage precision that can be up to ±1% or above

◆  Complete parameter display that is easy to seek and detect each working point of the power supply in time

◆  Fast response, input voltage leap, the response time for output is less than 2ms

◆   IGBT/PWM with small volume and low noise is adopted

◆  Wide voltage range, input voltage is of ±20%, output voltage is optional within 0-1000V

 ◆ Isolated output for transformer to ensure strong interference rejection

◆ Good output waveform, output pure sinusoidal wave with distortion less than 2% (nonlinear load excluded)

◆  Vector control for three-phase voltage that can withstand three-phase unbalanced load

◆  32 bit ARM processor digital control, pure sine wave output using isolated voltage, current sensor, reliable detection

Optional functions:
◆  RS232 interface of programmable variable frequency power supply
PC or PLC monitoring interface and standard RS232 interface (be capable of inverted to RS485/CAN/RJ45) are
optional to satisfy MODBUS-RTU protocol for easy remote monitoring. Working condition group can be set to store several
groups of voltage, frequency and working time, etc.

◆  DC28V interface of military medium-frequency power supply
DC28V input interface and control switch are optional, furthermore, DC28V power supply can be built-in the cabinet to form an entirety, which is easy, beautiful and rational.

◆  Input harmonic currents suppression component
Optional 12 and 18 pulses rectifiers and 3~21th harmonic filters are used to reduce the input harmonic current of
variable frequency power supply and enhance the power factor, so as to avoid interference of variable frequency power
supply to other equipments within the network.

◆  IP grade of ship shore power
Outdoor enclosure with IP65 is optional and can be used directly outdoor, which is used as ship shore power;
container-type power house can also be selected to put the power supply inside the container, environment temperature
control equipment and thermal insulating layer will be set inside the container.

◆  Function of wide range input
Voltage input range of ±50% and frequency input of 25Hz-100Hz are optional, which are suitable for power
generation places with small firepower or small hydraulic power. The output can ensure stabilized frequency and voltage.

The technical indicators refer to that of  change frequency power , which has stronger practicability and harsh application environment. The input and output voltage  can adapt to the power supply situation of countries all over the world. Power range 10KVA-2000KVA


Voltage range

Three phase 380V±20% (single-phase 220V±20%) or other voltage designated 


47Hz-63Hz or other frequency


Modulation system

IGBT/SPWM sinusoidal pulse width modulation

Output voltage

Three-phase 0-520V (adjustable), single phase 
0-300 adjustable)  (higher voltage can be 

Stability of output
voltage (average)

±1%(higher precision can be  achieved)

Response time

2ms (for input voltage) 

Voltage waveform
distortion THD

< 2% (linear load)

Output frequency

41Hz-73Hz, adjustable, 50/60/400Hz, fixed 
(optional 100Hz/200Hz,5-1000Hz can be 

Frequency stability

< 0.1%

Phase deviation 

No higher than ±1° in case of three phase 
balanced load or no load; no  higher than ≤4°
in case of 100%  unbalanced three-phase

unbalance factor

Three-phase voltage automatic balance


Display of 
electrical parameter 

Line voltage (L-L), three-phase  voltage 
(L-N), three-phase current,  frequency, 

Electrical parameter 
display resolution 

Voltage resolution of 0.1V; current resolution 
of 0.1A; power resolution  of 0.1KW

Fault diagnosis 
and display

Overload and short-circuit fault, IGBT module 
fault, fuse fault, over-temperature fault


No fuse switch at input and output, the
electronic circuit can detect over-
current, over-voltage, overload,  over
temperature, shortv circuit quickly, 
start tripping protection and alarm

Display medium

LCD (128*64)

Overload capacity

120%/per hour;150%/per minute;  200%/20s

Service environment

Ambient temperature: -10~45℃, relative
humidity: 0~90%

Insulation resistance

DC500V, above 20 MΩ

Voltage resistance

1500Vac/10mA without leakage

Customize on demand.

This product is widely used in ship, ship building and repair plant, offshore drilling platform, shore terminal where need  to change the frequency from 50Hz to 60Hz high quality stabilized frequency stabilized voltage to supply power for marine power equipment.

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