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  • Power Network Cloud Service Platform
    Power Network Cloud Service Platform

    The PN power network cloud service platform includes all the software and hardware services of the device end - the cloud (server) - client. The system integrates the data uploading of the device end, the data processing and database establishment in the cloud end, the online browsing and control of the client and the PC end.

  • ZBW Series Non-contact Voltage stabilizer(Standard Model)
    ZBW Series Non-contact Voltage stabilizer(Standard Model)
    ZBW serie intelligent no-contact AC voltage stabilizer is new AC stabilized voltage supply researched and developed by Shanghai Nooyi, which meets high quality precision equipment’s special needs for power supply. It has the advantages as fast response, high stabilized voltage precision, no carbon brush, no contact, no machinery, maintenance-free, automatic balance of three-phase voltage, etc. It is the upgrade product of SBW series mechanical v…
  • CFP Series Universal Change Frequency Power
    CFP Series Universal Change Frequency Power
    CFP series intelligent frequency conversion power is a new generation of frequency conversion power produced by Shanghai Nooyi. It meets the special needs of imported equipment in China, and it can simulate the power environment of all countries in the world, and provide power for the export test of domestic equipment.

    It has the advantages of high frequency stability, high voltage stability, fast response speed, good impact resistance, a…

  • Dynamic Voltage Restorer
    Dynamic Voltage Restorer
    In the power transmission system, when the grid voltage disturbance moment or load faults such as short circuit and so on, will branch voltage sensitive load caused by falling, rising and other issues; this change is very lethal to such as semiconductor manufacturing factory, due to problems caused by the voltage sudden loss of tens of thousands each year. The purpose of DVR is to compensate for the short time voltage drop and rise. It adjusts th…
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