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DC Power Supply
DC power is a power conversion technology that transforms AC or DC voltage into different DC voltages. The common transion processes are AC-DC, AC-DC-AC-DC, DC-DC and so on. DC power is widely used, such as computer power, charging pile, test power and so on. According to the transion form, there are IGBT, MOSFET and other interte frequency and high frequency power supply for inverter devices. There are also linear power sources which are power frequency transformers, SCR and Darlington tubes. At present, most of them are interte frequency and high frequency conversion.

◆ Widely used in broadcast,communication,electricity,research,coating,water treatment,battery charging.

◆ Adopt power swith circuit,exquisite,light,high efficiency.

◆ All imported parts,optimized circuit design,perfect process to make sure its reliability and stability.

◆ Wide input voltage.

◆ Output voltage could be set from 0 rated value.

◆ Output current could be set froom 10%~100%.

◆ To increase output current,output in parellel with several machines.

◆ Kinds of protection like undervoltage,overvoltage,overflow,short circuit,overheat.

◆ Intelligent temperature fan

Working tempture (-20~50)℃
Storage tempture (-40~70)℃
Relative moisture 90%(40±2℃);
Atmosphere (70~106)kPa
Input voltage AC 180V~264V ( or DC250~370V)
Frequency 50Hz±10%
Output voltage DC 0~1000V
Output current 2.5~2000A
Power factor ≥0.85
Efficiency ≥92%
Load adjusting rata ≤1%
Voltage adjusting rata ≤0.1%
Ripple voltage ≤1% Vout(p-p)
Overtemperature protection 80-85℃
Protection undervoltage,overvoltage,overflow,short circuit,overheat
Insultation resistance ≥20MΩ
Input puncture to shell ≥AC1500V;
Input puncture to output ≥AC1500V
Output puncture to shell ≥AC500V
MTTF(mean time to failure)


Nomal Model Main Tehhnical Data Nomal Model Main Tehhnical Data
NY-WYK05V50 DC5V/50A NY-WYK220V015 DC220V/1.5A
NY-WYK05V100 DC5V/100A NY-WYK220V03 DC220V/3A
NY-WYK05V200 DC5V/200A NY-WYK220V05 DC220V/5A
NY-WYK05V400 DC5V/400A NY-WYK220V07 DC220V/7A
NY-WYK12V25 DC12V/25A NY-WYK220V15 DC220V/15A
NY-WYK12V50 DC12V/50A NY-WYK220V18 DC220V/18A
NY-WYK12V100 DC12V/100A NY-WYK220V40 DC220V/40A
NY-WYK12V120 DC12V/120A NY-WYK220V75 DC220V/75A
NY-WYK12V250 DC12V/250A NY-WYK220V115 DC220V/115A
NY-WYK012V300 DC12V/300A NY-WYK220V150 DC220V/150A
NY-WYK12V600 DC12V/600A NY-WYK220V225 DC220V/225A
NY-WYK12V1000 DC12V/1000A NY-WYK220V300 DC220V/300A
NY-WYK24V15 DC24V/15A NY-WYK330V01 DC330V/1A
NY-WYK24V30 DC24V/30A NY-WYK330V02 DC330V/2A
NY-WYK24V50 DC24V/50A NY-WYK330V04 DC330V/4A
NY-WYK24V60 DC24V/60A NY-WYK330V05 DC330V5A
NY-WYK24V120 DC24V/120A NY-WYK330V10 DC330V10A
NY-WYK24V150 DC24V/150A NY-WYK330V13 DC330V/13A
NY-WYK24V300 DC24V/300A NY-WYK330V25 DC330V/25A
NY-WYK24V600 DC24V/600A NY-WYK330V50 DC330V/50A
NY-WYK24V900 DC24V/900A NY-WYK330V75 DC330V/75A
NY-WYK24V1200 DC24V/1200A NY-WYK330V100 DC330V/100A
NY-WYK48V07 DC48V/7A NY-WYK330V150 DC330V/150A
NY-WYK48V15 DC48V/15A NY-WYK330V200 DC330V/200A
NY-WYK48V25 DC48V/25A NY-WYK440V015 DC440V/1.5A
NY-WYK48V30 DC48V/30A NY-WYK440V03 DC440V/3A
NY-WYK48V60 DC48V/60A NY-WYK440V035 DC440V/3.5A
NY-WYK48V80 DC48V/80A NY-WYK440V075 DC440V/7.5A
NY-WYK48V160 DC48V/160A NY-WYK440V09 DC440V/9A
NY-WYK48V300 DC48V/300A NY-WYK440V20 DC440V/20A
NY-WYK48V450 DC48V/450A NY-WYK440V35 DC440V/35A
NY-WYK48V600 DC48V/600A NY-WYK440V55 DC440V/55A
NY-WYK48V900 DC48V/900A NY-WYK440V70 DC440V/70A
NY-WYK48V1200 DC48V/1200A NY-WYK440V105 DC440V/105A
NY-WYK110V03 DC110V/3A NY-WYK440V140 DC440V/140A
NY-WYK110V05 DC110V/05A NY-WYK660V01 DC660V/1A
NY-WYK110V10 DC110V/10A NY-WYK660V02 DC660V/2A
NY-WYK110V12 DC110V/12A NY-WYK660V023 DC660V/2.3A
NY-WYK110V30 DC110V/30A NY-WYK660V05 DC660V/5A
NY-WYK110V35 DC110V/35A NY-WYK660V06 DC660V/6A
NY-WYK110V80 DC110V/80A NY-WYK660V13 DC660V/13A
NY-WYK110V150 DC110V/150A NY-WYK660V25 DC660V/25A
NY-WYK110V230 DC110V/230A NY-WYK660V38 DC660V/38A
NY-WYK110V300 DC110V/300A NY-WYK660V50 DC660V/50A
NY-WYK110V450 DC110V/450A NY-WYK660V75 DC660V/75A
NY-WYK110V600 DC110V/600A NY-WYK660V100 DC660V/100A

The power supply is widely used in radio and television transmission, communication, power electronics, scientific research, electroplating, water treatment, battery charging and other equipment.

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